Nigel Farage to host new TV game show I Want My Country Back

"It's basically the Generation Game meets a UKIP rally..."


Yep, this is an April Fool… for now


Nigel Farage is set to become a familiar face on daytime TV as the host of a new afternoon game show, I Want My Country Back.

Against the backdrop of a set that lovingly recreates the interior of his local pub, the former UKIP leader will challenge contestants with a series of light-hearted tasks designed to prove they are among Britain’s most passionate patriots.

From a race against the clock to don a Beefeater costume and cook a traditional fry up, to a segment called “Boat Wars” in which contestants must fire water cannons at an effigy of Bob Geldof in an attempt to knock him of his perch, the games will help Nigel decide who really is “the best of British”.

A source told, “It’s basically The Generation Game meets a UKIP rally. It should be a lot of fun.”

Farage is said to have got a taste for entertainment TV after his revealing interview as the subject of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories earlier this year. “Nigel really enjoyed being in the limelight,” said a source, “but he preferred the idea of being the one in control.”


I Want My Country Back is currently in production and is set to begin its initial run on 30th February.