Simon Cowell made himself rather unpopular with both Wembley Arena and Nicole Scherzinger as he chose his final six bands from his Groups category ahead of next week's Judges' Houses.


His Six Chair Challenge was littered with snap decisions as he formed a new girl band called, rather confusingly, New Girl Band by taking five rejects from Sharon's Girls category and putting them together the day before.

If that wasn't last minute enough, he then made another on-the-spot decision as he grabbed singer Ash from NQ - another girl group he had rejected just moments before - and plonked her in the band.

The poor woman had to audition by learning a few bars of Hey Mama by Nicki Minaj there and then, in front of an arena full of people, despite Simon not even asking her if she was up for it!

Anyway, the final straw seem to came for Scherzy when Simon made boyband JBK and girl group Lemonade endure a sing-off. When Simon opted to save Lemonade, Nicole put her coat on and left the arena immediately. It was a Gary Barlow / Carolynne Poole moment from X Factor 2012 all over again.

There were also cameos from Simon's son Eric who gave family band The Cutkelvins a thumbs up and from Louis' vintage book of X Factor phrases as he said that brothers Sean and Conor Price had plenty of "POE-tential".

But in case you missed it, here are the six Groups who are now just one step away from the live shows:

The Cutkelvins

Cutkelvins The X Factor 2017

Jack and Joel


Rak-Su on The X Factor 2017

Sean and Conor Price

Sean and Conor Price


Lemonade on The X Factor 2017

New Girl Band

New Girl Band on The X Factor

The X Factor continues next Saturday and Sunday with Judges' Houses on ITV.