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Nick Grimshaw worried about X Factor Six Chair Challenge

Grimmers is nervous ahead of this year’s dreaded third stage and admits watching fellow newbie Rita Ora go through it was "intense"

Published: Wednesday, 2nd September 2015 at 11:15 am

Series spoilers follow


Today, new X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw faces a nerve-wracking challenge – deciding which acts to take through during the Six Chair Challenge. But is he worried?

“Yeah! Cheryl came on my show last year when she’d just done it and she said it was terrifying and it was really, really, hard,” Grimshaw told

Wondering what's so daunting about a game of musical chairs? Perhaps you don't remember the Six Chair Challenge... They pop those innocent egg cup-like chairs on the stage... and then all hell breaks loose. Singers are granted a seat – and thereby a spot at this year’s Judges’ Houses – only to have it taken away when a better singer comes along. It’s musical chairs gone mad. In fact, it’s often cited as being a bit ‘Hunger Games’. Without the killing, obviously (unless Simon Cowell really has decided to shake things up this year).

Now that the public has decided Grimmers will mentor the Boys (he wanted the Girls, but so did everyone) he has to decide which six he’ll take through to the next stage.

It’s the first time he'll act as a judge by himself. Sure, the others are there, offering their thoughts and advice, but at the end of the day it’s his, and only his, decision (OK, show bosses might nudge him here and there).

Grimshaw’s had a taste of what it’s like, tweeting that watching yesterday’s filming with Rita was “intense”.

And having been in the crowd while Cheryl made her decision last year, I can tell you those in the Wembley crowd make their feelings known. There’s very much a fifth judge in attendance (and it’s not Louis Walsh telling everyone they’re a young someone or other).

How Grimmers will cope remains to be seen. May the odds be ever in his favour, eh?


The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday on ITV


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