Nick Grimshaw gets tough at X Factor Boot Camp: “I’ll be struck off the radio if they go through”

Radio DJ shows he’s not afraid to stick the boot in at Boot Camp

Nick Grimshaw gets fierce on tonight’s X Factor, refusing to entertain the idea of an act going through for fear it’ll reflect badly on his job as a radio DJ.


“I’ll be struck off the radio if they go through,” he declares as the other judges look like they’re considering giving a pairing another chance.

It comes during the first of this year’s Boot Camp challenges, which sees the contestants team up to work on a song together. Clearly fast-forwarding to the thought of having to give their track a spin on Radio 1, Grimmy’s not having any of it.

“That’s called making your bed and lying in it,” he adds as the rest of the group suggest the double act – who forget their lyrics and end up wiggling around at the back – put little into the rehearsals.

Whether Grimshaw gets his way remains to be seen. But it’s one of only a few moments with the judges during this first look at Boot Camp, as the focus shifts to the antics of the contestants backstage. As many struggle to find the balance between working together and showing off their own talent, it’s time, not just to face the music, but the egos too. Oh yes, here come the arguments…


The X Factor continues tonight at 7:00pm on ITV