Your guide to all of next week's drama in Emmerdale...


1. Will Gordon be found guilty?

Gordon Livesy's trial is the big story of the week with the drama seeing Aaron grilled by the defence team and Liv having to choose between her brother and her father. By Friday, a verdict has been reached, but will Gordon be found guilty? And will Aaron reunite with Robert amidst all the courtroom action?

2. Chrissie thinks she's found her biological dad

After discovering a leak at Home Farm, Chrissie calls local plumber Ronnie Hale. When Ronnie arrives, Chrissie is soon scrutinising him, awkwardly aware that he could be her biological father. But how will Ronnie react when Chrissie shows him a photo of her mother?

3. Rhona has trust issues

Rhona gets paranoid about what Paddy's up to and sets about following him. But Rhona has to put her trust issues to one side when she and Paddy discover that the vet's website has been flooded with negative reviews. A rattled Rhona makes a call and arranges to meet the person who's been trolling them. But it seems that she's putting herself in very real danger...

4. David gets his test results

David is nervous about collecting his test results, fearful that he has testicular cancer. But Dr Bailey is preoccupied when David arrives at the surgery (he's actually getting passionate with Belle behind the examination curtain) and ends up telling him that the ultrasound came back clear. But Dr Bailey has made a worrying error...

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5. Megan's Christening nightmare

Megan rumbles under the pressure of parenthood when her Christening plans for baby Eliza go awry. In the run-up to the big day, Megan will be seen growing ever-detemined to do everything for herself and telling Jai not to attend the service. But her stress levels rise at the service when Jai shows up - the result being that Megan flees the church. Will she end up accepting any offers of help?

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