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Mother and daughter Kennedy and Julia from Manchester win £100,000 in Prized Apart final

The duo scooped the ultimate prize in the nail-biting final - but will the BBC1 game show be back for a second series?

Published: Saturday, 25th July 2015 at 7:00 pm

In the end it came down to knowing your airports.


Mancunian mother and daughter Kennedy and Julia Taylor were the first (and perhaps the last) ever winners of new BBC1 game show, Prized Apart tonight.

They scooped the £100,000 prize by answering one deciding question in tonight’s final – “which airport has the fewest international terminals?”

Kennedy’s Mum Julia had to choose between London Heathrow, LA’s LAX and Hong Kong International.

And the right answer?

Well, it was Hong Kong, of course...

The winning pair were clearly delighted, promising to share the money between them.

The losing finalists – identical twins Craig and Chris, also from Manchester, and London couple Jonny and Andie – were suitably gracious in defeat.

Make-up artist Kennedy, who at 23 was the youngest of the competition’s 20 contestants, cried when her Mum answered the final question correctly and said: “Is it happening? Are you sure? Are you sure? I feel I am in a dream world."

When she got her composure back she told host Emma Willis: “I know it sounds so cheesy but if I had to lose tonight to Craig or Jonny they would be the best people I could have lost to. We have been the best mates throughout the whole experience."

Sadly, the losing finalists’ chances had earlier been dashed with a series of wrong answers, with Andie failing to deduce that Richard I was not a play by Shakespeare in one of her multiple choice questions.

Tonight’s final brings the curtain down on the first series of the game show which was presented by Willis and Reggie Yates and saw ten couples – mothers and daughters, husbands and wives and so on – put through a nine week ordeal.

One of each pairing was subjected to a series of mainly physical challenges in hot and sweaty Morocco while the other answered general knowledge questions in the "Prized Apart Hangar" in Farnborough Airfield in order to keep them in the competition.

The final three couples were decided after a series of eliminations.


The BBC said it was unable to confirm whether there would be a second series, but Willis signed off with an enigmatic “see you soon” as the credits rolled….


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