Meet Love Island’s newest contestant Chris Baxter: “I’m not like those guys, I treat girls properly”

This newcomer isn’t impressed by the boys “hopping” between the girls or the way they talk about the opposite sex...

It looks like the Love Island boys might be about to get a ticking off, as new lad Chris Baxter admits he isn’t too impressed with how they’ve been treating the ladies.


The 20-year-old personal trainer from Oxfordshire will head into the villa tonight and says he’s a “gentleman” and a lot more “respectful” than the current batch of lads.  

“I’m not like those guys, I treat girls properly. Hopefully they’ll appreciate that,” Chris told

So what does he think the other boys have been doing wrong?

“I think the way they speak about [girls], the words they use, the terminology, the whole way they’ve gone about it, hopping between girls… some of the words I wouldn’t personally use,” Chris explained.

“Everyone’s hopping about, I’d be looking for someone who won’t do that, someone who looks more to the future,” he added.

Chris has his eye on a couple of female islanders – Danielle and Zoe – who have already done their fair bit of “hopping”, but also likes the look of newcomer Naomi. 

Does he think his entrance into the house will break up couples and irritate the other boys? “I’m not going to go in there and upset them straight off the bat. I’ll try and be friends with them, because I’m not a nasty guy.

“However, I think they will be intimidated when their girlfriends start to fancy me,” he added confidently.

And his chat-up line of choice? “My name’s Chris – it’s short for Christmas came early this year”.

Someone who may have something to say about the new arrival is former Apprentice candidate Stuart Baggs, who – his business efforts aside – is often remembered for calling himself a ‘brand’. What’s the connection, I hear you cry? Well, Chris is pretty confident he’s a brand too. 

“I’m my own brand. Chris Baxter the brandI think everyone who wants to be successful in life is a brand. The way people treat you will be based on how they see you, therefore you’re marketing yourself. So when I go into the villa, I’ll be marketing myself in a way.”

Uh-oh, it looks like Claude Littner may need to be called in for one of his trademark dressing downs…


Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2