Meet every Britain’s Got Talent winner…

... but who will join them?


Britain’s Got Talent 2016 has – in what seems like the blink of an eye – whizzed its way back around to the live semi-finals. That means we’re on the final countdown to crowning and brand new winner. 


While the royal family wait to find out exactly which act will grab that spot at this years Royal Variety Performance, here’s a look back at the acts that have bagged the win before…

2015: Jules and Matisse 

Jules O’Dwyer and her dancing dog Matisse scooped victory in 2015. Her cleverly choreographed routines saw Matisse escape capture, rescue his fellow poochy pals and come to life in a toymaker’s shop. The act saw off stiff competition from magician Jamie Raven in the final, who had conjured up a helicopter live on stage. In the end, the four-legged dance act earned 22.6% of the vote to Raven’s 20.4%. 

Following the win, Jules and Matisse – now Jules, Matissse & Friends – came under fire for not making it known to viewers that another dog, Chase, had been used in the final performance for a tight-rope walking trick. After more than 1,000 complaints to the regulator ITV was found to be in breech of Ofcom’s code for misleading viewers

2014: Collabro

The operatic boyband – while sensational – were somewhat of a surprise win. Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer Bars & Melody had looked like they were en route to the win, as did opera soprano soloist Lucy Kay.

But boy have Collabro shown what they’re made of since – especially given they’d not long been together when they auditioned. Their debut album Stars went straight in at No.1, ending Ed Sheeran’s eight week reign at number one. The five-piece has already been on two tours. 

2013: Attraction

Shadow theatre group Attraction shot to the top of the ‘ones to watch’ list from their very first audition. The group, who hail from Hungary, packed their performance with emotion, clever acrobatics and a good punch of British spirit. Their win was criticised by some, who felt a British act should win, but the show has always attracted acts from around the world keen to perform for royalty. Simon Cowell has always maintained it adds to the competition and makes Britain’s version of the show the best of the bunch. 


Young comedian Jack Carroll was a worthy rival to Attraction in the final as was third placing act Richard and Adam, whose final vocal performance turned out to be quite the event, what with the judges being pelted by eggs by one unhappy stage invader.