May and Hammond are running the country – but Clarkson thinks we’ll end up “thick and lost”

"People called May are usually useless," says the former Top Gear leader as his team talk politics


In the ongoing game of political musical chairs, we have now ended up with a May (Theresa, PM) and a Hammond (Philip, Chancellor) at the top of the government. Clarkson (Jeremy, television presenter) isn’t sure this is such a good idea.


“People called May are usually useless but…” he joked, winding up his long-time Top Gear and now Grand Tour co-presenter James May. And he’s not sure chucking a Hammond in will help either.


Hammond (of the Richard variety) is ready and raring, however.

And he thinks Clarkson is simply jealous he’s not in their new Cabinet gang:


But given his initials ‘JC’ link with that of Jeremy Corbyn, Clarkson’s adamant he’s already got a job…

… much to the amusement of Hammond, who says Clarkson’s never done any labour in his whole life:


Mr May meanwhile has decided that he should give (Theresa) May a call and let her know how May’s Britain works, which includes banning pubs from serving food in pretentious cereal bowls and outlawing using the word “basically” at the beginning of a sentence. Then he got back to the important business of watching Trainspotting Live.