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Why does Matthew Morrison have a moustache for The Greatest Dancer's auditions?

Sorry Matthew, but we moustache you something….

Matthew Morrison TGD (BBC)
Published: Saturday, 4th January 2020 at 4:51 pm

Missing your weekly Strictly fix? Never fear, The Greatest Dancer is back for a second round, seeing dancers of all styles (and abilities) attempt to impress the audience and make that magic mirror open.


The second series sees a few changes (including a new dance captain and a new receptionist) as The Greatest Dancer is more confident in its format – but there is one change that we can’t really get behind: namely, Matthew Morrison’s moustache.

The Broadway star and Glee frontman has grown some seriously scary facial hair for the audition rounds, which led to some ribbing from some of the dance captains.

But why on earth has Matthew Morrison done this to himself? Did he fancy a change? Lose his razor? Want to have a late stab at Movember?

Well, as it turns out, he’s none too keen on the moustache either, as Morrison grew the ‘tache for a part.

Matthew Morrison in American Horror Story: 1984

“I was filming American Horror Story and that was part of my character,” he told and other journalists at the press launch of The Greatest Dancer. “I had to fly here [the UK] for the weekend [during filming].”

He added jokingly: “All the producers were very excited about [the moustache]. I’m doing something else right now so I will be growing it back to keep the continuity for the live shows. No, I won't!”

Yep, it’s true – Morrison plays creepy camp activities director Trevor Kirchner in American Horror Story: 1984, so we can let him off this time.


The Greatest Dancer launches in January on BBC One


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