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Justin Timberlake calls Susanna Reid his 'super hot grandma'

WARNING: blushing ahead

Published: Thursday, 20th October 2016 at 7:45 am

We can't decide if this is cute, funny or creepy. Help us out.


Susanna Reid cameos in Justin Timberlake's new film trolls. [OK]

He and co-star Anna Kendrick appeared on Good Morning Britain via video link, and brought a picture of Susanna with him. [Fine]

"Good morning Britain. Susanna," Timberlake said "look, you're here with us." [Kinda funny]

"You play my grandmother in Trolls and you look way too young." [That's true, Reid is 45, Timberlake is 35]

"Your grandmother is a babe," Kendrick noted. [Getting creepy now]

Timberlake: "I have a super hot grandmother." [Hmmmmm]

"That is very cool though," Piers Morgan weighed in as Reid fell about laughing, "Timberlake doing the whole 'you look young to be a granny'" [Funny again]


"He is right in your target range, isn't he?" [Excuse us while we throw up]


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