An American TV channel tried to subtitle Jodie Whittaker and it did not go well

Yorkshire accent + American subtitler = FUNNY

Jodie Whittaker on Stephen Colbert, YouTube

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker appeared on Stephen Colbert’s US chat show on Wednesday night, giving one unwitting subtitler the rare opportunity to get to grips with the Northern English accent – and it didn’t go so well.


A still from the episode, shared by Twitter user @dotski_w, reveals the closed caption interpretation of Whittaker’s hometown of Huddersfield to be “Hoodezfield” – which sent Britons on the social media site into fits of laughter.

Check out the image in question below.

It should be noted that the Stephen Colbert show is pre-recorded, so this was not a live transcription…

“They spelt Huddersfield how Yorkshire people pronounce Huddersfield I WISH I COULD BREATHE” user @roseclrdbrochu responded, echoing the sentiments of Britons everywhere.

@ClausVistesen added: “The Z is a nice touch. Bold, but nice”.

Check out some of the best reactions to the error below.

Whittaker was on the late night chat show to talk about her upcoming Doctor Who debut, among other things. Check out the interview below.


Doctor Who returns on Sunday 7 October