Doctor Who fans perfectly cosplayed 13 Doctors with Jodie Whittaker

The incoming Thirteenth Doctor appeared in Sheffield with a small army of lookalikes


Jodie Whittaker has already been spotted in her first multi-Doctor story.


Well, sort of. Ahead of the Doctor Who series 11 launch in Sheffield on Monday, the Thirteenth Doctor materialised outside the city’s train station with 12 lookalikes, all dressed in her signature long coat and stripey jumper.

Just in case you can’t spot her, Whittaker’s Doctor (the original, you might say) appears at the very front of the line.

And in the middle here…

Sadly, we’re not expecting all these doppelgangers to appear in the series, especially with new Who Boss Chris Chibnall having confirmed that the shape-shifting Zygons, and other existing Who aliens, won’t be back for Whittaker’s first run.

“I don’t know how many times I need to say it. There are no old monsters this series. OK?” he previously said. “I think, you can’t as a showrunner coming in, you can’t really define it against the past. Like, that’s what [the press] will do, but it’s actually not for me to come in and go ‘Where am I going to place this in relation to the Hartnell era, or the Hinchcliff era, or Peter Davison.

“It’s not about that. It’s about going ‘Ah, what stories do I want to tell? What’s happening in the world? What’s happening in film and television? And how does Doctor Who sit at the forefront of that? I just wanted us to feel like we were moving forward.”


Doctor Who series 11 premieres on BBC1 on 7th October