ITV’s new series Japademonium to celebrate the “best and funniest” Japanese game shows

Strictly star Melvin Odoom will be on hand to guide us through some of Japanese TV's wackiest offerings


If you’re a big fan of wacky Japanese game shows you’re in luck because ITV’s bringing a whole host of them to our TV screens in Japandemonium.


The new show is described as “a fast-paced, action-packed series celebrating the very best and funniest clips from Japan’s iconic game shows” and will feature six 30-minute episodes.

The series promises to showcase clips from a whole host of game shows that have popped up on Japanese TV throughout the years, as well as some of the most ridiculous and hilarious pranks that have been pulled on celebrities and members of the public alike in the name of entertainment.

Hidden camera pranks will be plentiful and former Strictly Come Dancing contestant and radio DJ Melvin Odoom will be on hand to guide us through the weird and wonderful offerings week after week.


Japandemonium will air on ITV later this year.