Is Seth MacFarlane’s Liam Neeson impression the best yet?

The Ted 2 star has a very particular set of skills, skills acquired over a very long career...

Seth MacFarlane may have just pulled off the best impromptu Liam Neeson impression ever. 


Sure, we know Seth MacFarlane is good with voices. He lends his vocals to half the characters on his show Family Guy and has just returned to voice Ted in the upcoming big-screen sequel. Heck, just this month he performed a load of Cyndi Lauper tracks in the style of his Family Guy characters. When it comes to voices, this guy’s got it. 

But who knew he could pull a Liam Neeson impression out of thin air? The actor joined US chat show host Jimmy Fallon for a chat, and as part of a game, was randomly asked to talk about Time Warner Cable in the style of the Taken star. Hang on to your hats, it’s a goodie… 


Ted 2 is released in UK cinemas on July 10th 2015