Ingrid Oliver got stuck at the airport and asked Twitter for help

Look WHO came to the rescue during a long flight delay...


We’ve all been there. A cancelled flight, a long airport delay with only the dying battery in your mobile phone and a stale sandwich for company. It’s never fun.


But when you’re actress Ingrid Oliver, you don’t have to resort to endless games of UNO to pass the time. Instead you mobilise your 16,000 Twitter followers to keep you entertained:

Because skillful punning is something Twitter knows a thing or two about.

And Oliver’s fans obliged, delivering some seriously impressive #movieswithairlinesinthetitle.

And some, er, not so impressive…

Satisfied with the result, Oliver went off to hunt down that stale sandwich.

Before spending the rest of her delay contemplating the acceptability of alcoholic beverages before midday…

… and listening to the Top Gun soundtrack.


We hope you made it back safely, Ingrid.