Here’s what happened when Maisie Williams crashed a Game of Thrones viewing party

Their response was brilliant


Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams should have her own series of Surprise Surprise after she pulled off an epic bit of party crashing during last night’s series opener.


Not content with just re-watching the series six premiere, the actress, currently residing in Los Angeles, set about looking for a UCLA student screening party to join and documented the whole thing on Instagram.

First Williams sent out a message asking fans to tweet pictures of their party to win a ‘surprise’

The probably thought it would be some cool GoT merchandise. But Williams picked a party and started making her way over…

She stopped for snacks, naturally. She knows the rules.

She met Mark first, who responded in the appropriate way: “Holy shit!”

He then helped keep the surprise going by telling his fellow party goers they’d won some free stuff.

They were already very excited about that, so Williams turning up was almost too much.

She’d picked a ruddy good party, too. Look at the effort on the decorations.

And the snacks.

That’s one happy set of fans.

And one very happy actress.


Game of Thrones season six opener The Red Woman airs on Sky Atlantic tonight (Monday 25th April) at 9:00pm