Looking for an original Halloween costume combo for two people? Whether it's your partner or your best friend that you're pairing up with this Halloween, we've got some great ideas that are sure to turn some heads.


Here are our top ten couples costumes for Halloween in 2019...

Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch Halloween costumes
Lilo and Stitch Halloween costumes Amazon

To capture that adorable and unbreakable bond of ohana, one of you can dress tip as Lilo, the other as Stitch - and with the cast of the upcoming live-action version of the film soon to be announced, it's a timely choice this year.

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Netflix & Chill

A low-effort co-ord that's been around for quite a few years now, you can represent your favourite streaming service easily with these t-shirts.

Cruella De Vil and a Dalmatian

101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians Amazon

Channel the devil in human form and her unlucky Dalmation of choice with this Cruella De Vil costume and Dalmatian onesie - matching red collar and lead optional...

Buy from Amazon - From £19.99

Pennywise and Georgie

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Dress up as Pennywise with a balloon, and have your partner dress as your victim Georgie. Bonus points for faking a severed arm by cutting off one of the sleeves of the jacket and adding fake blood...

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Steve and Robin from Stranger Things

Capture the Scoops Ahoy look sported by Steve and Robin in Stranger Things season 3 with matching outfits...

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Ursula & The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Halloween costumes
The Little Mermaid Halloween costumes Amazon

If you're excited for the live-action remake of the film, then channel Ariel and her nemesis Ursula in coordinated costumes...

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Ghostbuster and a Ghost

Original Ghostbusters

One of you dress as a Ghostbuster, and the other as the classic Halloween staple, a ghost. Perfect!

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(Wo)Men in Black

Both of you sport black suits with shades and a gun for this homage to the film, both the old version and the new.

Buy from Escapade: £19.99

Marty McFly and Doc Brown

Back to the Future (Netflix, BA)

This timeless combo of Doc Brown and Marty will be appreciated by Rick and Marty fans and Back to the Future fans alike - and even better, both come pretty much completely assembled so they're an easy choice.

Buy from Amazon - from £12.99

Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big

Sex and the City - Carrie
Sex and the City - Carrie HBO

The unbeatable combo of Mr Big's timeless black suits and Carrie's ever-varying wardrobe are a great choice for any couple this Halloween. One of you up a pink tank top and that famous white tulle skirt and wear your highest, most elegant heels, and the other - well just wear a black suit - and you'll be good to go.

Buy from Amazon - £16.99

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