Doctor Who has been running so long that it's got fans of all ages - and so whatever you're doing this Halloween, a Doctor Who themed costume is sure to go down well.


Here are our top ten Doctor Who Halloween costumes for 2019...

The Thirteenth Doctor

Pick up the whole outfit and become the time travelling alien herself - you can even add in a Rainbow scarf in honour of that memorable New Year's episode...

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With kids' and adults' versions, dressing as a Cyberman couldn't be easier - and is easy to coordinate with the whole family...

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The Silence

Add this mask to your black suit and you'll be good to go - if only defeating The Silence were this easy...

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The 4th Doctor

Fans of the original series will appreciate this classic costume - borrow a beige suit jacket from a friend if you don't already have one, and pair it with the Official scarf and hat.

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The Tardis

By far the comfiest choice for Halloween, this Tardis costume doubles up as pyjamas for when the party's over.

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A Dalek

A quick and easy costume, this Dalek cape works well when paired with the voice changer mask that shows a rare glimpse of the creatures behind the metal frames.

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Are You My Mummy? Gas Mask Costume

Get a group of your friends together and bring the much-loved Empty Child episode from the first series of the 2005 revival back to life.

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Lady Cassandra

Cassandra may have had a short stint in the 2005 Doctor Who revival, but her surgery-obsession and endless demands make her one of the most memorable Doctor Who villains.

Get ready to scream 'Moisturise me!' with this costume - pair a skin suit with a clothes rail. Add some red lipstick and carry a tub of moisturiser for extra points.

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The Ood

The Ood are a telepathic and gentle species but are easily corrupted when made the slaves of evil forces - dress up as a slave Ood with this tentacle-clad mask. Add blue scrubs, black shoes and black gloves plus a spherical light to complete the costume.

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A Weeping Angel

Pair this Weeping Angle Mask with some wings and a dress - or paint your skin grey and spray your clothes the same colour - and you'll be sure to terrify everyone you meet.

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Looking for something else? Try out these options: