#Bingate. Paul’s bread lion. Pretty much anything Val did. The past seven seasons of Bake Off have cooked up some show-stopping moments – all of which will soon be available to binge watch on Netflix.


The streaming service has announced that all episodes of series 1-7 (all the ones that broadcast on the BBC) will be available to stream from Saturday 31st March. That means that you’ll finally be able to see Mel, Sue, Mary and Paul reunited under the same tent again. Watch on Netflix here.

Prepare yourself, though: rewatching also means once again living through the time Deborah accidentally used Howard's custard instead of her own. You’ve been warned.

Netflix have also announced a selection of other classic British shows which will be available to stream from the same date…

  • French and Saunders S1-6
  • Almost Royal S1-2
  • John Bishop Live: The Rollercoaster Tour S1
  • The Job Lot S1-2
  • Porridge S1-3
  • Mock the Week S15 (S11-14 currently on Netflix)
  • Horrible Histories S3-5 (S1-2 currently on Netflix)
  • Top Gear S9 -19 (S19-24 currently on Netflix)