Graham Norton’s big red chair is getting a spin-off

A one-off special will go behind the scenes


The Graham Norton show has many fine qualities, but perhaps some of its very best moments have come from a specific segment of the series – the tales from the red chair, where members of the public try to keep host Graham’s attention without him tipping them off a specially-made seat.


Over the years the chair has made celebrities gasp, audiences roar with laughter and has been watched by millions of viewers on TV and online, so it was only a matter of time before someone thought the idea could go further – and now that’s exactly what the BBC have done, commissioning a one-off special based entirely around the format.

Called Graham Norton’s Big Red Chair, the special will go behind the scenes to meet the many people who have graced the chair with their behinds and the world with their stories, with host Graham Norton also sharing his all-time favourite tales.

In addition, the special (set to air next month) will apparently delve into the chair’s beginnings, revealing the history of how the flippable furniture became a central feature on Graham’s chat show and no doubt putting Batman Begins to shame as an origin story.

And who knows? If the episode is received well enough we might be lucky enough to see the chair strike out on its own for a full series. Flipping Nora.


Graham Norton’s Big Red Chair will air at 10:35 pm on BBC1 the 6th January