After 10 weeks of competing against the superhuman Gladiators, it all came down to the grand final.


Finlay Anderson, Wesley Malé, Bronte Jones and Marie-Louise Nicholson all found themselves in the arena one last time to see who really has the strength to take on the Gladiators and come out triumphant.

As ever, only two could take home the trophy – after they had felt the power of the Gladiators, of course – and at the end of tonight's episode, all was revealed!

After taking on the legendary Eliminator one last time, Marie-Louise Nicholson and Finlay Anderson were crowned the winners of Gladiators 2024!

The pair had to take on their opponents in a final challenge like no other, with Marie-Louise going head to head with Bronte and Finlay with Wesley.

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Gladiator contestant Marie-Louise in a red outfit with her arms folded and she is smiling. Next to her is a graphic with her name, age and job.
Marie-Louise. Hungry Bear Media Ltd/James Stack

After an incredibly close finish, with Marie-Louise having a 2-second head start, the personal trainer burst through the final leg first, with Bronte just seconds behind.

Speaking afterwards, Bronte said: "That's all I wanted to do, just give it my all and no matter what happens, I'll be happy. So, I'm happy. Well done ML. Thank you so much for all the support."

Marie-Louise praised Bronte as she accepted her trophy and said: "Bronte was on my tail the whole time. What a competitor to go up against. She was so close to the end there. I think we're both winners in my eyes anyways."

Following her win, Marie-Louise told the BBC just what winning the series means to her.

She explained: "Winning means to me that things that you're scared of in life, things you don't want to go up against, if you throw yourself into it you'll either learn something if you lose or you'll gain something from it if you win. I always think that, even if you lose you'll gain something from it."

Shortly afterwards, it was time for Wesley and Finlay to go head to head and it was ultimately the end of The Eliminator that was Wesley's pitfall after he said he felt an injury in his hamstring after the zip line.

Speaking of his win, Finlay said: "This is definitely the most surreal moment ever. From a five-year-old playing Eliminator in my Granny's living room to lifting the real deal, this is unbelievable. Thanks guys, what an experience."

As for where his shiny new trophy is going to go, Finlay said: "It's coming straight home with me. I will say it's pretty heavy and I'm pretty sore so it wasn't easy to lift but that's going to be pride of place in the office or at home."

Gladiator contestant Finlay in a blue outfit with his arms folded and he is smiling. Next to him is a graphic with his name, age and job.
Finlay Anderson. Hungry Bear Media Ltd/James Stack

Hosts Barney and Bradley Walsh congratulated the winners once again before closing off the show by saying: "We'll see you soon and thank you for watching Gladiators."

And that they will! The BBC confirmed earlier this week that Gladiators would be returning for another season! Further information on how to get tickets for the recording at the Sheffield Utilita Arena will be announced in due course.

Kalpna Patel-Knight, Head of Entertainment at the BBC said: "Gladiators has really kicked this year off with a bang, and we're so delighted that the fans have come to the show in their masses.

"It has been wonderful to hear how much families have loved watching this together, as part of the BBC's Saturday evening entertainment offering. We can't wait for more action from the Gladiators."

Gladiators is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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