Genius creates working Captain America shield

Here's hoping Father Christmas is already working on these for the rest of us


There we were thinking Captain America was the only one to have a cool electromagnet shield that he can fling about and retrieve on command… then along came The Hacksmith who went ahead and actually made one.


Reminiscent of Iron Man first building his costume, The Hacksmith discards various options to hold and release the shield from his own arm strap, before settling on a commercially available electromagnet. At just 12V this can already produce 120kg of lifting force and when using it with the shield, The Hacksmith will pump a much higher force through it. In summary, it’s damn strong.


Once assembled he goes on to show just how powerful it really is, merrily attaching himself to the ceiling and busting out a couple of pull ups. There’s also a teasing glimpse of the shield (which is a real replica) being flung around and caught again, which he teases will be shown in more detail in his next video. We’re waiting…