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GBBO host Sue Perkins crumbles after biscuit encounter

History repeated itself in week two of The Great British Bake Off... logo
Published: Wednesday, 12th August 2015 at 8:01 pm

Bake Off host Sue Perkins found herself in a teensy bit of trouble tonight after breaking contestant Nadiya's bowl-shaped biscuit. Oh yes, she totally squished it.


"I just wrecked it," Perkins gulped, looking around the tent as though some baking fairy godmother might run in and hand her a freshly baked biscuit bowl.

"I literally can't believe I did that. I'm mortified," Perkins added, no doubt getting flashbacks of that time she accidentally elbowed 2013 contestant Howard Middleton's freshly baked English muffin. Poor Sue: always just trying to have a chat, always absentmindedly leaning in the wrong places.

"How can I make amends?" Perkins asked, to which Nadiya coolly replied: "If I leave you're coming with me."

"I'll take that," said the co-host before presumably going off to ask Mary Berry to whip up something with a whole lot of booze in. (That's what we'd do.)

Of course, Nadiya still had to serve her biscuit – now more plate than bowl – to the judges as part of her 'showstopper' creation. Inside were delicious-looking fortune cookies. But of course, all the judges wanted to know was why it didn't have a dome-shaped lid to match the bottom.

"Obviously we were expecting a dome," said Paul Hollywood unaware of what that simple sentence meant. We knew there was meant to be a dome, Nadiya knew there was meant to be a dome, SUE KNEW THERE WAS MEANT TO BE A DOME.

"It did have a dome," Nadiya began... and that's when the stare came.

Nadiya's simple flick of the eyes said to Sue: Tell them. Tell them I had a dome. I can make two bowls out of biscuits and I shouldn't leave this competition. I've got more baking I could do. My baking could change the world... or something like that anyway.

And of course Sue did. "I broke it," she admitted, and suddenly the show felt like an odd episode of Grange Hill, with Hollywood as the thoughtful headmaster.

Luckily, the fortune cookies deserved their name and "packed a punch". So Nadiya could breathe out and we all loved Sue just that bit more for her adorable clumsiness.


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