Five lessons we learned from last year’s Bafta TV stars

Always be prepared, have a one-liner handy and if you're Aaron Paul, you know what to call everyone...

This Sunday night, telly’s finest will descend on London’s Theatre Royal to find out just who is taking home a shiny gold trophy. And of course, who’s won The Radio Times Audience Award (the important one). So, as the nominees don their glad rags and prepare to hit the red carpet, here are some lessons we learned from last year’s stars…


1. Be prepared

Award ceremonies are fun and all that, but for the celebs, well, they can actually be a bit long. Tummy-rumbling long. Mr Selfridge and Sherlock star Amanda Abbington wasn’t taking any chances. She came armed with fruity Polos and Sesame Snaps (with coconut). Notably a good size for handbags.

2. Always have a one-liner ready

Acceptance speeches are pretty tough – so much pressure to be funny. So make like The IT Crowd star Richard Ayoade and have a one-liner neatly prepared: “I did not think I’d ever have to say ‘I’d like to thank the Academy’ outside of my fan letters to Fame Academy.” Boom.

3. Turn your name into a new word

Cilla Black had quite the night last year, picking up her own special recognition award. She also came up with her own word to explain how she’d mark the win: “cilla-brating”. Perhaps Sheridan can use it if she ends up on stage come Sunday?

4. Swear with meaning

Live on TV it can be difficult not to accidentally say a somewhat fruity word. The night is hugely exciting, you’ve suddenly forgotten your entire speech, everyone’s looking at you… but why settle for an accident? Take a lead from Broadchurch’s Olivia Colman and shove one in for extra emphasis. “Chris Chibnall is a f***ing genius,” Colman hit us with last year in praise of the drama’s writer. It’s a bit like a rude word on Countdown; you can’t help but laugh.

5. Share an in-joke with fans

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul really couldn’t put a foot wrong last year, just as long as he called everyone a “bitch”. A nice in-joke with all the BB fans, his effortless charm no doubt sent those not in the know running to catch up on Netflix.


See the Baftas from 8:00pm on BBC1 this Sunday