First look at series three of The Great British Sewing Bee

Claudia Winkleman grins and shouts as this year's contestants flap, panic and get hit in the face...

We would definitely go drinking and dancing with Claudia Winkleman. In need of a little style advice, a bit of a giggle or help styling a fringe? The Strictly Come Dancing host should be the first person you call. But we’re not entirely sure about having her around if you ever attempt to sew hems or attach buttons in a strict time frame…


We might still be months away from the Bake Off returning to our screens – Mary Berry tells us the applications are only just coming in – but BBC2’s Sewing Bee is poised to bring us more Great British things. As well as host Winkleman, who is clearly enjoying her role, yelling and grinning evilly over the shoulders of the flustered contestants. 

This first-look trailer gives us a 20-second glimpse into this year’s competition. We can spy tiny floral shorts, jazzy trousers, kilts and an elephant costume. Plus this year’s sewers running, flapping, panicking and getting hit in the face. Who said this wasn’t high drama?  


The Great British Sewing Bee returns to BBC2 soon