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Fans loved this twist in Comic Relief's One Red Nose Day and a Wedding

The original cast were back – with a few unexpected surprises

One Red Nose Day, Hugh Grant (BBC screenshot)
Published: Saturday, 16th March 2019 at 11:38 am

The sequel to Richard Curtis’s beloved Four Weddings and a Funeral finally made its way onto our screens last night for Red Nose Day, with Charles (Hugh Grant) and Carrie’s (Andie MacDowell) daughter (played by Mamma Mia! star Lily James) tying the knot.


As she took Charles’ arm, viewers saw a slim figure in a black suit at the end of the aisle.

While it was previously announced that many of the original cast would be featuring in the 14-minute skit, we were left in the dark about who would be marrying Lily James on the big day.

With many assuming it would be a man, we were then delighted to see that Lily would be marrying none other than Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.

And fans loved the LGBT twist, taking to Twitter to praise the choice.

Some fans drew upon their previous acting roles.

Others believed the decision to marry two women in the sketch should be award-winning.

While some were just purely overjoyed.

The sequel featured many classic moments, including Father Gerald (played by Rowan Atkinson) struggling his way through the ceremony with many awkward slip-ups, as well as a nod to Scarlett, played by the late Charlotte Coleman.

Sam Smith briefly featured in a musical performance (with the guests mistaking him for Ed Sheeran), and we also saw that Bernard (Killing Eve’s David Haig) and Lydia (Sophie Thompson) now had six children and were ‘disgustingly’ happy.

It was an “easy” task rounding up the cast for Four Weddings for the Comic Relief spin-off, with director Curtis wanting everyone to have a part.

Rowan Atkinson (BBC Screenshot)

“We had 24 returning characters. I wanted everyone to do something fun,” he wrote in Radio Times.

“There’s a moment in the middle where our two movie-star guest leads tell each other they love each other when, I can’t deny, there were some tears and some wiping away of them."

Elsewhere in Comic Relief, we saw Bodyguard stars Keeley Hawles and Richard Madden team up for a silly skit, and Jennifer Saunders channel Cher for Mamma Mia: Here We Go Yet Again.


The telethon raised over £60 million for good causes.

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