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Who are Germany’s Eurovision 2019 entry S!sters?

Before you ask, no they're not

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Published: Saturday, 18th May 2019 at 7:27 pm

First thing you should know about Germany’s Eurovision 2019 act S!sters: they’re not related. At all. In fact, the duo only recently started performing together, with the goal of representing Germany on the Eurovision stage.


But despite not being together long, they’ll be hoping to end the country’s run of bad luck: since 2015 Germany has appeared in last place twice – receiving an infamous nil point in 2015.

Here’s everything you need to know about S!sters.

Who are Germany’s Eurovision 2019 act S!sters?

The group consists of Carlotta Truman and Laurita Spinelli.

Spinelli should have plenty of great Eurovision tips behind her – the performer is currently a background singer for Lena, who won the contest for Germany in 2010.

Truman is no stranger to singing competitions either, having reached the final of Germany’s version of The Voice Kids in 2014. She also performed on Willkommen 2018, the country’s version of Jools' Annual Hootenanny.

What is Germany’s Eurovision 2019 song called?

S!sters will perform song Sister at the Eurovision Song Contest final 2019. Once again, they’re not actually sisters.

Interestingly, the song was penned by Canadian Laurell Barker, who also co-wrote the UK’s entry Bigger Than Us. Turns out that Barker genuinely hadn’t heard of Eurovision until two years ago.

What will Germany’s Eurovision 2019 song look like on stage?

Not anything too amazing. Expect both Truman and Spinelli to stride around the stage shouting "SIS-TERRS!" until some sparkles go off behind them.

What are the odds of Germany winning Eurovision 2019?

Not great. At all. At 750/1, they're favourite to finish bottom of the leaderboard.

How did Germany do at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest?

Surprisingly well, considering their recent poor performances. Their Ed Sheeran-style act Michael Schulte came in fourth place with You Let Me Walk Alone.


The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 18th May 2019

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