Channel 4 reveals ‘Giant’ rebranding with new idents designed to “champion diversity and provoke change”

Meet the Channel 4 Giant, a giant metal structure that features in the broadcaster's latest brand redesign

C4 ident pic

Channel 4 has a new face – a giant who plays football and brings diversity to Great Britain.


The new brand ‘idents’, which were unveiled on Tuesday night ahead of The Great British Bake Off 2017 final, are designed to “personify the broadcaster’s unique values” according to Channel 4.

The Channel 4 Giant will feature in short clips that air between the channel’s programming, and take over from the landscape-style graphics that have been running on Channel 4 since September 2015.

Here is the Channel 4 Giant bringing people to Dover in a film which the broadcaster says marks the broadcaster’s “celebration of inclusion and diversity, values that sit at the heart of Channel 4’s remit to reflect a diverse range of voices from across the UK”.

This football clip is meant to epitomise C4’s cheeky spirit as well as its celebration of diversity and young people:

Here is the Paralympic broadcaster’s commitment to disability on show:

And finally, here is the Giant speaking to the nation – but with people shutting their windows a suggestion as well that not everyone wants to hear what C4 says. Or as the broadcaster puts it: “This is to remind people that Channel 4 has an alternative voice that not everyone agrees with but which many find affirming and vital.”

Filmed across the UK, they replace the set of idents launched in September 2015.

The new idents are designed to pay homage to the look and characteristic “call” of Channel 4’s original 1982 ident and jingle.


Dan Brooke, Channel 4’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer said: “This exciting evolution of Channel 4’s main channel identity celebrates Britain in all its glory and reflects our public service remit to take creative risks, champion diversity and provoke change.”