Caroline Flack unfazed by live TV gaffes: “you have to take the rough with the smooth”

“If I was stressed and having all these different things that people say, I wouldn’t do it!” says the Love Island host


Caroline Flack’s had quite the whirlwind year on telly and the presenter admits that being in the industry means you have to “take the rough with the smooth” – whether it’s nasty online comments or live gaffes.


“That is part of what this job is,” she told as another batch of singletons prepare to thrust themselves into the limelight – and all that comes with it – for ITV2’s second series of Love Island. “You sort of come to realise that.”

After all, while the cameras will catch all the action in the villa, the spotlight will be on Flack back as host, too. Not only because viewers will comment on everything from her outfit to how her hair looks, but because it’s Flack back on her own after her much-discussed exit from X Factor, which she co-hosted with Olly Murs last series.

“You have to be able to filter those comments out because it’s nonsense,” she said. “You’ve just got to ignore all the online haters – we give them so much air time!”

From Flack’s point of view, plenty are off the mark with their criticisms anyway.

“If I didn’t like it and if I was stressed having all these different things that people say you are, I wouldn’t do it. Why would you put yourself through that? I’d do something else. You do it because you love it, you don’t do it for any other reason.”

“Live TV is exciting. That nervous feeling is not a horrible feeling – it’s an exciting feeling,” she added. “Of course you still get nervous, that’s why you do it. That buzz, it’s exciting.”

As for on-air slip-ups (wrong video links, that Monica Michael mix-up and chats with production caught on air among the chatter about her and Murs’ performance), she’s all for them.

“Even when the little things go wrong. It doesn’t matter, that’s what makes it live.”

If everything went absolutely to the letter of the original plan it might as well be pre-recorded, right? “Exactly,” Flack enthused.

As for Love Island itself, Flack doesn’t want to simply host. In fact, she quite fancies getting a bit more involved than that.

“I want to stay over one night [in the villa]!” she revealed. “That would be fun!”

Could it actually happen?

“I hope so! That would be really fun.”


Love Island returns Monday at 9:00pm on ITV2