Carol Smillie isn't looking so, well, smiley when she appears on The Voice UK this Saturday.


The TV presenter isn't auditioning herself, but she's instead nervously waiting at the side of the stage whilst her 18-year-old daughter Jodie Knight steps up to sing for the coaches.

But for those wondering - who is Carol Smillie?

Well for those who weren't watching home improvement programmes in the 90s, she was the host of one of the BBC's biggest shows of its time. Changing Rooms saw two friends or neighbours swapping houses and giving a makeover to a room in the others' house.

It made stars of Linda Barker, Anna Ryder-Richardson, Handy Andy and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and ran for eight years.

Before this, Carol's first big break in TV was in 1989 when she became the puzzle board maestro on Wheel of Fortune, which was then hosted by Nicky Campbell.

Carol Smillie's daughter Jodie Knight on The Voice UK
Carol Smillie's daughter Jodie Knight on The Voice UK (ITV)

Before her Blind Audition, Jodie says: "Growing up watching my mum do what she does obviously has made me more aware that it's not easy and you have to work hard."

Jodie, who lives in Glasgow with her mum and dad Alex Knight, explains that she began singing when she was 11 years old and entered her school's talent competition.

"She burst into a belting rendition of an Ed Sheeran number and she absolutely smashed it," said Carol. "There were tears in my eyes."

Carol added: "So excited for her - but I am apprehensive I suppose because you want to protect her as a parent. But I would never hold her back and I think both of us [Carol and Alex] feel something good will come of it."


The Voice UK airs Saturday 10th February at 8.15pm on ITV