Calum Best has taken a fair amount of Diary Room stick from some of his fellow CBB housemates over the last fortnight, for being a fence-sitting peacekeeper who's revealed almost nothing of his true personality (if he even has one).


But last night, he put himself right back in the game with a passionate and sweary rant at – you guessed it – Perez Hilton, who said the one thing you should never say to Calum: "I don't like you".

“BEWARE! Constant use of extremely offensive language right from the very start and throughout, and scenes of aggressive confrontation," warned Big Brother ahead of Calum's outburst.

But despite the fact that he really did lay it on the line to Perez – even dropping one or two C-bombs along the way –Calum's 'rant' contained none of the sort of properly offensive material that saw former housemates Ken Morley and Alexander O'Neal (remember them?) cautioned (and in Ken's case, removed) by Big Brother.

Calum just laid out what had happened, how he'd been feeling over the course of his relationship with Perez, the attempts he'd made to remain friends with him (and even look after him) and how it had now got to a stage where he'd had enough.

It was a full-on but articulate dissection of self-destructive "power tripper" Perez – and as Michelle later assured Calum, “What you said was perfect!”

But was it almost too perfect? A last ditch attempt to inject some personality, and thereby some votes, into his slightly lacklustre campaign?

I don't think so. Calum would like to win, and he definitely wants to be liked, but this came from the heart and was of the moment. Calum has showed himself to be smarter than we thought but he would have to be highly intelligent and frighteningly calculating to have pulled that off on purpose.

Sadly for Calum, I don't think it will be enough to see him challenging the likes of committed personalities like Katie Hopkins and Michelle Visage, who have won dedicated followings by setting out their stalls from the start.

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But with the gloves now off between Calum and Perez, this is shaping up to be the best final week of Celebrity Big Brother for a long time...


Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5