Britain’s Got Talent final wins 2015’s biggest audience to date

The climax of the ITV talent show was watched by an average of 11.7 million viewers - the highest number since Ashleigh and Pudsey triumphed in 2012

An average of 11.7 million viewers watched Jules and Matisse dance their way to success in last night’s Britain’s Got Talent final, making it the most popular show of 2015 so far.


The ITV talent contest accounted for a 46.6% share of the audience, with a peak of 13.4m. 1.8m of the 11.7m average watched it in HD, while a further 330,000 tuned in later via ITV+1. It takes the crown hitherto held by the 30th anniversary special of EastEnders, which attracted an average of 10.8m in February – the show’s best performance in four years.

Jules and Matisse proved the most popular champions since the last dancing dog act triumphed on the show: Ashleigh and Pudsey performed to an average of 11.9m viewers when they won in 2012.

Boyband Collabro’s win in 2014 was the least watched in the show’s nine years, with an average of 10.7m viewers, while back in 2009 Diversity’s success attracted Britain’s Got Talent’s highest score to date: an average of 17.3 million.


Last year’s biggest entertainment show was The Great British Bake Off, which whipped up an average of 12.3m viewers for its final in October, after successfully transferring from BBC2 to BBC1. It was beaten only by England’s defeat by Uruguay in the World Cup, which was witnessed by an average of 18.5m viewers.

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