That's it, Britain's Got Talent 2015 has come to an end and it's high paws all around as another dog has been crowned champ. Yes, dancing dog Matisse and her owner Jules O'Dwyer are this year's BGT champs. As they celebrate, I round up my favourite moments from this year's jam-packed final...


Simon gets déjà vu

During the 2013 BGT final Simon Cowell got quite the surprise when a girl barged onto stage to pelt eggs at him. Making a joke of the incident tonight, Cowell laughed that he thought it was happening all over again, but much worse, when a member of Entity Allstars dance troupe ran at him with a spear. Not sure that would come under the banner of family-friendly entertainment. Luckily it was all part of their Gladiator-themed performance and no Cowells were hurt in the making of this programme.

Isaac Waddington’s honesty

Fifteen-year-old Isaac Waddington took to the stage to sing once again - you could have heard a pin drop as he sang - but it was his honest thoughts on the performance that stood out. When asked by Ant and Dec how he’d been feeling about the final he simply replied: “I was bricking it.” Fair enough.

Mischief managed

Magician Jamie Raven stunned the judges once again tonight with close-up magic that saw him hide a note with Alesha’s signature on it inside a fresh lemon. “Shut the front door,” Alesha could be heard saying as Jamie unveiled his trick. But it was David Walliams who said what I think most of us were thinking: “There’s nothing I like more than trying to catch out a magician - I’m that kind of person - but I couldn’t see how you did that at all”. It was certainly a head-scratcher. “You must be a wizard. Magic must be real,” Cowell concurred.

On the app there was a little bit of a mix-up

People found that Jesse-Jane McParland looked a little different on the voting app, but it was all sorted by the time the voting lines opened.

Jules and Matisse were crowned champ...

... and co-host Ant got quite the celebratory kiss from the canine champ. "I got tongue and all there," he laughed.

And that's it for another year. For the full results breakdown click here. Britain's Got Talent returns next year on ITV.


Main picture via @BGT