Boys Allowed: who is impersonating who in Girls Aloud on Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief?

Is Jon going to be Cheryl? Will Ritchie be Sarah? We have the full line-up for which boyband member is which for Boys Allowed's performance of Biology


Ever since we found out that some of our favourite boyband stars from the 90s and 00s would be dressing in drag to impersonate Girls Aloud live on TV, we couldn’t wait to find out who would be Cheryl, Sarah or Nadine. And now we know!


When Boys Allowed take to the stage this weekend for Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief to perform Biology in dresses and heels, here’s who is going to be who:


Duncan James is going to sing as Nadine Coyle, Gareth Gates will be taking on Cheryl, Ritchie Neville is Kimberley Walsh, Jon Lee will be Nicola Roberts and Ben Ofoedu is going to portray Sarah Harding.

Gareth is already well into the Spirit (In the Sky) by getting into a rather fetching red bra:

And also posting a minute-long video on Twitter with the caption “Watch me attempt to walk in heels”.


Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief airs live on Saturday March 11 at 6.45pm on BBC One.