After 11 weeks of challenges and facing Lord Sugar in the boardroom, this week saw Brittany Carter crumble under pressure as the interviews took place on The Apprentice.


Usually very calm and collected, hotel front of house manager Brittany found herself in tears, as she tried to explain her business plan to Mike Soutar, and later on in the episode, she found herself in the firing line alongside Stephanie Affleck.

Following her exit, the 25-year-old opened up about the intense interview.

Asked which interview was the hardest out of the four with Soutar, Linda Plant, Claudine Collins and Claude Littner, she said: "I think it's really funny, because Linda is obviously renowned and known for being quite brutal, but when I went into her interview, she's almost talking so much at you and criticising so much, that you don't really have the opportunity to speak back.

"But when you're in an interview with Mike, he will give you very, very difficult questions, and then it'll stop and you have to answer. So that actually made it a lot more intense, because he really, really puts you on the spot.

"You think that you have thought of every possible question that they could ask or every single critique, but no, they always find stuff that you were not expecting. So that makes it particularly difficult."

During Brittany's interview with Soutar, she started crying as he compared her evidently smaller business plan to one he'd written up.

The business executive then questioned Brittany about her business idea of protein infused drinks, asking whether she believed it was an "investable business".

So, does she have any regrets about how the interview went?

"Yes, when I watched it back, I just wish that I hadn't allowed myself to be so nervous and kind of feel the pressure so much," she told and other press.

"If it was now I would have been so much more powerful and confident with my answers, but I think that I just really allowed the pressure to get to me. And that's kind of my biggest regret from this."

Brittany Carter
Brittany Carter BBC

She continued: "I'm watching back now and I'm like, 'I would have had this, this and this, and I would have been really powerful and kind of not allowed the pressure to impact my responses.'

"But what you don't realise is by that point in the process, you actually are so tired, you've had 10 tasks that are completely relentless and challenging, and you've had no sleep. And I think if I would have maybe had a two-week holiday, and then went into the interviews, I would have done a lot better.

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"I wish that I was a bit more powerful with my answers for them. You can't even imagine what it's like to be in there, and I think because I'm an Apprentice fan, and I've watched the interviews for so long, I really knew how hard it was going to be."

The Apprentice final is on Thursday, 24th March at 9pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Entertainment hub.


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