Ant and Dec’s 7 best Saturday Night Takeaway undercover pranks

These guys have been fooling their celebrity pals for years!

Saturday Night Takeaway

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway will make a return on 20th February, with a brand new line-up of celebrity guests, challenges and hidden-camera moments.


With the boys back, it means fan-favourite segment, Undercover, will also be making a return, with Geordie duo dressing up in disguises in a bid to prank some of their mates.

Over the years, Ant and Dec have fooled so many of their closest friends from Holly Willoughby to Simon Cowell.

They’ve gone from simply winding their pals up to setting cars on fire to completely spook their mates out in some of the wildest Undercover skits.

Last year, saw The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh become the first celebrity to get a double Undercover hit, as Ant and Dec tricked him for the second time.

So as the show returns for series 17, have rounded up some of their best Undercover pranks

We wonder who they’ll trick this time round!

Simon Cowell meets the worst rappers 

We don’t know how they got away with it, but one of the earliest pranks saw Ant & Dec prank their Britain’s Got Talent pal Simon Cowell, as they pretended to audition for American idol in 2013.

Dressed in fake wigs, baggy clothes and fake tatts, the duo rocked up to the audition as brothers Jimmy (Dec) and Scotty (Ant).

As they screamed the lyrics to Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract, Simon could be seen cringing in his seat before telling them to stop.

But when the boys removed their disguises, he couldn’t believe his eyes as he burst out laughing.

David Dickinson thinks he’s killed someone

The poor antiques expert was left horrified when Dec’s stuntman crashed a car into a ball of flames right on the lawn of his new show Life Treasures, which the duo had created specifically for the prank.

After reuniting Alfie (played by Dec) with his old vehicle that he had previously sold to a salesman (played by Ant), The Duke was in for a shock.

Alfie got into the car and attempted to escape with it after learning the vehicle was now worth £6,500 more.

But it all went wrong when the car flipped over and set on fire, causing David to utter: “Bloody hell.”

Luckily, Ant and Dec decided to put him out of misery as he stood shell shocked staring at the burning car in the distance.

The look on his face was priceless!

Holly Willoughby gets a Surprise Surprise

Holly was left in shock while presenting an episode of Surprise Surprise, where a man’s proposal went wrong.

Played by Ant, Richard attempted to propose to his girlfriend Annabel with the help of boyband Blue. However, it didn’t go down well when Annabel  admitted she was in love with her boss (Dec) who was also on the show with her.

As good friends of Holly, Ant and Dec went all out with the prosthetics and make-up.

And they certainly managed to pull the wool over her eyes, as Holly was left terrified when the events unfolded.

See the full video here. 

Saturday Night Takeaway

One Direction meet their biggest fans – and it goes all wrong

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne were left in stitches when a New Zealand reporter (played by Ant) asked them some very odd questions on a breakfast show.

And things got a lot creepier when the boyband were made to meet their “biggest fans” one of whom was played by Dec and needed medical attention after struggling to breathe in the same room as them.

Piers thinks he’s broken a piece of expensive art

After being the butt of the joke, Simon Cowell decided to get involved this time round as he teamed up with Ant and Dec to trick presenter Piers Morgan.

With Dec posing as an overseas Serbian artist, and Ant dressed up as a gallery security guard, the boys proceeded to pull a fast one on Piers as Simon invited him over to show him his overpriced artwork.

But, when Simon left Piers alone with the painting – which happened to be a black dot on a white canvas –  and it went smashing to pieces, Piers looked pretty worried about feeling the wrath of his friend.

And his face said it all when Ant entered the room in disguise and pretended to call the police on him, before revealing his true identity.

We’re still laughing just thinking about it.

See the full video here

Saturday Night Takeaway

James Corden has the worst day

Probably one of the duo’s biggest pranks to date, this one started all the way from the moment James Corden attempted to get to work at the Late Late Show.

Using the name of the show as their theme for this joke, Ant and Dec decided they were going to make him very “late” for work.

First, they told a security guard to hold him up and pretend he didn’t know him at the entrance gate. Then, they got a delivery man to park in his spot.

And when James finally got on set, they faked one of his contestants being seriously injured, which left the presenter truly horrified.

James, we feel for you!

Gordon Ramsey kicked off at handymen Juan and son

Famed for his culinary skills and no-nonsense attitude, Gordon certainly didn’t hold his tongue when he met handymen Juan and Son (Ant and Dec).

As the pair locked him in his dressing room, where Dec (Juan’s son) was using the toilet after consuming some greasy street food , Gordon’s patience wore thin.

Dec, who was dressed as Juan,  attempted to get him out of the room, but not before breaking the door down with an axe only to reveal it had been unlocked the entire time.

Gordon swore and cursed at the men – who even had the nerve to ask him for a photo. And judging by the look on the chef’s face,  it wouldn’t have been long before hr completely lost his rag.

Possibly sensing this, the men decided to come clean as a gobsmacked Gordon stared at them in shock.

Somehow, we don’t think this one is over yet.

Ant and Dec, you might want to watch your backs!


Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway will return to ITV on 20th February at 7pm. If you’re looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV Guide. Visit our hub for more Entertainment news.