Amir Khan says Manchester attack is “twisting Islam” and “totally against our religion”

The Muslim boxer has condemned the horrific attack that took place earlier this week


Amir Khan has spoken out against the terrorist attack on Manchester this week, with the former world boxing champion saying that the bombing does not truly represent the Muslim faith.


“It definitely worries me because at the end of the day I’ve got my little girl and, you can just see as time goes on it’s only getting worse and worse,” he said on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain. “And it worries me one day when she goes to school [that] people are going to be pointing a finger at her and thinking you’re Muslim and it gives all Muslims a bad name.

“I think Muslims all have to stick together now. In all different religions there’s always good and bad. Me being a Muslim, this is something that’s against my religion – killing innocent people. In the Quran it doesn’t say that you should kill innocent people, this is something we’re all against so I think for sure we should all stick together and stop things like this happening.”

When asked about people’s fears in reporting radicalisation, Khan (who lives in Bolton in the Greater Manchester area) added: “If people are watching this, if there is a lot of Muslims out there who know information, I think they should definitely go out there because this is giving all us Muslim people a bad name. I’m a Muslim. I’m a little bit scared walking the streets myself with my little girl because anything can happen.”

“Obviously I know people are pointing the finger at Muslims, but are we really sure that it is Muslim because this is something that is totally against our religion, if these people are saying they’re doing it because of Islam I really believe that’s not true. They’re twisting Islam and they’re just making it worse for everybody.”

Speaking more generally about the attack, Khan said that it was “very upsetting,” while praising the response from the people of Manchester that has involved taxi drivers offering free rides and members of the public opening their homes to those in need.

“One thing about Manchester, everyone gets on with each other… If you look since the bomb happened, and the incident happened, a lot of the local restaurant owners, taxi drivers are helping each other, dropping food off at hospitals, supporting them in any way we can.

“We all need to stick together; we are going through such a very tough time now where the people in Manchester all have to stick together. It’s wrong, whoever did this, it’s wrong.”


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