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Alan Fletcher wants to sing for Australia in Eurovision 2015 - here's why he'd be perfect for it...

The real question is, why on earth would he NOT be the ideal candidate?

Published: Thursday, 12th February 2015 at 11:30 am

Alan Fletcher aka Karl Kennedy from Neighbours has said he'll put his name forward to sing for Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest this may. 



Speaking to Radio 5 Live, the Neighbours actor said that Australia's involvement is the "most exciting thing ever," adding that he would "absolutely love" to head to Vienna to perform. "I'd be there with bells on. I think I'd probably have to wear a wig and grow a beard. But I'd be happy to do anything. The sequin suits: I can see it all now."

As long-time Alan admirers here at, here's why nobody- and we mean nobody- would (or could) do it better than Fletcher

If he was singing, even Eurovision sceptics would tune in for a bit of Karl kennedy...

He's in a real band

Fletcher formed The Waiting Room with two Melbourne musicians in 2004, and they they've done four UK tours playing to tens of thousands of fans. 

Here's a live performance in Aberdeen...

He's also in a seven piece function band Ubersavvy which "offers the best in party music across a broad range of musical styles designed to please all age groups and musical tastes." If that is isn't crowd-pleasing enough for Eurovision, we don't know what is. 

AND he's in a fake band

Alan Fletcher's passion for music is so strong that it informs his fictional character Dr Karl Kennedy too. If Erinsborough's finest medical mind can entertain the locals in a diner in the suburbs of Melbourne, he can drive the drunken Eurovision-watching public wild with glee.

The limelight won't get to him

Doctor Karl Kennedy has the Right Prescription (that's the name of his on-screen band, guys!) for success. After cutting his teeth as a musician in front of television cameras and lights in Neighbours. He won't crack under the pressure of Eurovision.

He wouldn't be boring

Just look at his Christmas card! 

And finally, because he *might* get the Neighbours cast on stage as backing dancers.

Yeah, Kylie might be busy, but to be honest we'd rather see Toadfish do the sweet harmonies and smooth finger clicking.

That's enough reasons.



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