It was almost impossible to hear what was going on in The X Factor's Six Chair Challenge over the deafening screams from Wembley Arena.


If you did manage to catch any of the performances over the chants of "OFF, OFF", you'd have seen Sharon Osbourne select the six singers from her Girls category that she wanted to take through to Judges' Houses.

Alisha Bonaobra, who was unfathomably ditched only to be brought back, nearly took the roof off with her rendition of Bang, Bang, while it was an emotional exit for Scarlett Lee.

Sharon was visibly chocked up when she had to send Kelsey Gill home without ever having had a seat, and arguably the best performances of the night (again) went to Grace Davies and Georgina Panton.

In case you missed it, here are the six Girls who are now just one step away from The X Factor live shows:

Grace Davies

Georgina Panton

Georgina Panton on The X Factor

Alisah Bonaobra

Alisah Bonaobra on The X Factor 2017

Rai-Elle Williams

Rai-Elle on The X Factor 2017

Holly Tandy

Holly Tandy on The X Factor 2017

Deanna Mussington

Deanna on The X Factor 2017

The X Factor: Six Chair Challenge continues next Saturday and Sunday on ITV.