“Honestly, the way the news is going at the moment we write two shows a week”, says Adam Hills, host of Channel 4’s hugely popular chat show The Last Leg. “It’s almost like we write a back-up show every week just in case something bonkers doesn’t happen at the end of the week.”

Hills is referring to the latest news to rock the globe; Donald Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian airbase. Pretty heavy content matter for a show described by Hills as "three guys with four legs talking about the week". This self-deprecating humour is key to the success of the late-night show, which discusses the week’s events with a witty approach and strand of political satire running through it.

Indeed, last week’s episode was a hit with viewers, as former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband featured. Miliband was happy to join in the fun, taking part in a series of sketches, which included him transforming into a rockstar and becoming part of the ‘Ed Mili-band’, and another which saw himself and comedian Aisling Bea performing a parody of Kanye West’s risqué ‘Bound 2’ music video.

Perhaps the highlight of Miliband’s appearance, however, was a well-timed one-liner. Referring to a less-than-flattering picture of David Cameron eating a hotdog, reminiscent of the now-infamous photo of Miliband eating a bacon sandwich, Miliband interjected, “I think he’s saying: tastes better than it feels.” This was of course a reference to the shocking allegations of Mr Cameron’s alleged interactions with a pig.

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Perhaps there’s still bad blood between Ed and David.

Hills, however, doesn’t seem to share this disdain, revealing that David Cameron is his “dream guest”, saying: "He was my dream guest, then he went away from being my dream guest and now he’s my dream guest again." After the former Prime Minister’s resignation following the shock Brexit vote, Hills thinks that Cameron may need “another year” before he’s ready to face Hills and his co-hosts Widdicombe and Brooker.

After Miliband's comment, maybe he'll need two.

David will be along to upstage Miliband at some point, though. He always does, right? That little story about Cameron and the pig blew Miliband’s bacon sandwich pictures right out of the water.