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A camel on The Nightly Show literally weed all over the programme

The camel joined some penguins, a lemur and Rob Brydon as the guests on the third episode of the ITV show

Published: Thursday, 2nd March 2017 at 10:18 am

Many things have been said about The Nightly Show since it started on Monday. But up until now, no-one has expressed their opinion about the programme quite as clearly as Abdul the camel.


While waiting to go on stage, a video posted by the programme shows the animal taking a big wee on the floor and looking far from impressed.

Abdul was appearing on Wednesday night’s show (for no discernable reason) alongside penguins and a lemur with the programme’s ‘resident wildlife expert’ Forrest Galante.

Host David Walliams closed the show by climbing on top of the camel – with the help of guest Rob Brydon (who is actually the calibre of host who could help turn The Nightly Show around) – before leaving the studio.

The show has come under fire after an opening audience of 2.8 million crashed to 1.2 million for the second episode and there has already been talk of it being moved back in the schedules to a later slot of 10:30pm amid criticism of the decision to move the 10pm ITV News to a later time to accommodate The Nightly Show.

The third episode, however, did draw a larger audience with 1.8 million tuning in for the camel capers.


An eight-week run of the show has been commissioned, with guest hosts including John Bishop, Mel & Sue and Gordon Ramsay lined up to take the helm in the coming weeks.


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