13 kids who stole the show in pics with President Obama

From face-planting the couch to stealing a White House apple - these children all make the most of their meetings with the Leader of the Free World

Yesterday, this lad face-planting a sofa in The White House became an internet sensation.


Imagine the shoe scuffing and the ‘I’m bored’ face, as his parents chatted to the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

But as it turns out, The White House’s social media is jam-packed with children pulling off brilliant meets with the US President. Here’s our pick of the best…

The subtle apple pincher

The ‘so this is my play mat now?’ chancer

The instant best friend

The ‘my mum told me I must stand up really straight and smile’ look nailed

“I’m telling you Barack, if you just put me down I can take him. He look the last rusk.”

The ‘You’ve got health insurance?’ joker

The smart kid who isn’t going to be talked into punching the President

That time when yelling ‘bundle’ was probably a mistake

The ‘I need to pee’ whisper you were hoping the President wasn’t going to hear

“I know you’ve got loads but just take it, I need to get on Santa’s nice list.”

The high flyer


And finally the ‘Ah, glad to have caught you’ pose which can only mean some tough questions are on the way…