10 best memes of 2015

From Left Shark to Cape Fear we look back at some of the internet's best handy work over the past twelve months



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Forget the sport, the true star of February’s US Super Bowl was Katy Perry’s ‘Left Shark’. Left Shark was meant to dance alongside Ms Perry. Left Shark was meant to do what Right Shark was doing. But Left Shark didn’t know the moves so Left Shark just sort of freestyled. Everybody loved Left Shark. 

Blue and black or white and gold? was the question on everybody’s lips in February. One dress, two different colour combinations being seen. Friends rowed, colleagues bickered, families were torn apart… OK, it didn’t get that big. But ‘The dress’ became national news and the memes soon followed.

Poor Madonna. There she was, oversize cape on ready to do her bit at the Brit Awards. But when it came to her dramatic cape removal, it didn’t unclasp from her neck and so she was tugged down a set of stairs. She carried on of course. Total pro. But #capefear and #shefellover tore through the internet

March of 2015 it was all about whacking words across a picture of Jeremy Clarkson as news spread he’d had a “fracas” with a producer and was on his way out of his role as a presenter on BBC’s Top Gear. 

When Kim Kardashian dyed her hair blonde, the internet couldn’t get pictures of her and Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy up quick enough. Actor Tom Felton joined in himself when he lost his passport, guessing the reality star may have just been the culprit

In June, it was all about zoo keepers recreating this raptor training move from Jurassic World. Well, everyone wants to be Chris Pratt, right?

When One Direction announced they were going on a hiatus, the internet did a whole lot of crying. In fact, Harry’s probably swimming in the tears. 

In October, everyone was loving Adele’s comeback hit Hello, but it was what Lionel Richie was thinking that was on the meme-makers’ minds. 

Forget cape fear, by the time we got to December, it was all anyone could do to avoid Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers. Cue Taken-inspired internet threats. 


Of course the Prime Minister could be replied upon to round out the year with a gift of a picture prime for Photoshopping. What started out as a picture of the PM watching astronaut Tim Peake blast into space quickly became a whole host of other things (plenty of which that are not safe for re-publishing).