Madonna Brits fall sparks #shefellover Twitter trend

Wednesday night's music awards saw Madonna suffer a wardrobe malfunction that's got the internet talking

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Madonna has set Twitter on fire after a wardrobe malfunction during her performance saw her accidentally pulled down a set of stairs.


Within minutes of the fall, which appeared to be due to her cape failing to unfasten from her neck properly, a new trend was alive on Twitter: #shefellover.

I should at this point say that we hope she’s OK and are blooming impressed she got back up and finished her whole performance.

People are certainly enjoying the British sense of humour

And the Del Boy-esque nature of the whole thing

OF COURSE there’s already a meme

There’s applause for her total professionalism

And just a little bit of laughter, too

MA GONNA is so good I’ve nabbed it

Others are getting competitive

I’m actually surprised this didn’t happen

It’s true, there have been warnings

Where there’s blame there’s a claim, eh Madonna?


Now let’s just sit back and watch it unfold, shall we?