Niall Horan confirms 1D break but insists “we’re not splitting up”

One Direction will take a "well earned break" but Niall, Louis and Liam take to Twitter to promise new music and no split

One Direction’s Niall Horan has confirmed that after five years together the band will be taking a break, but insists they are not splitting up. 


Horan’s messages on Twitter follow a huge reaction to the news that the now four-piece band would be taking some time off next year. 

“The guys have been together for five years, which is an incredible run for any boy band. They fully deserve to have at least a year to work on their own projects. There is absolutely no bad blood between them and they are all 100 per cent behind the decision,” a source told the Sun.

“It is definitely not a split and they fully intend to get back together at some time in the future.”

Horan took to the social media site to discuss the “rumours”. 

Band mate Liam Payne added:

Louis Tomlinson also comforted fans:

According to the original report the departure of Zayn Malik earlier this year is not thought to be behind the decision.

“This was the plan with or without Zayn,” the source explained. “In fact, the band have been making amazing music and been incredibly happy without Zayn.


“Of course they would have preferred that he had stayed in the band, but they would have taken this extended hiatus even if he hadn’t left.”