While it may be just an ordinary day for many, 5th October marks the official James Bond Day - as it's the date of the world premiere of the first James Bond film, Dr No, in 1962.


The iconic film franchise has been home to many an enigmatic lead actor and unforgettable antagonist, but the latest villain to enter the world of Bond is none other than Brian Cox, who is set to feature as 'The Controller' in a new Bond-inspired entertainment show.

007: Road to a Million is coming to Prime Video this November, and to celebrate Bond Day in true style, the streamer has offered fans a first look of the drama to come in a new trailer for the series.

In the clip, we get our first glimpse of some of the Bond-inspired challenges to come for our cohort of contestants, and we can finally see some of the stunning locations that will be explored in the upcoming series.

Shots of the Scottish Highlands, Chile’s isolated Atacama Desert, the streets of Venice and the Swiss Alps are interspersed with our first look at some of the contestants and some of the fear-inducing challenges that await them on this journey.

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Everything from death-defying heights to spiders and even a glamorous Aston Martin await.

Watch the trailer for yourself below.

The new trailer also gives us a taste of Cox's involvement in the show as the villain, and he will be the one dictating where each pair go, as well as what missions they'll undertake and what questions they must answer.

As per the synopsis: "He monitors each pair’s quest, delighting in the unfolding drama of his intricately devised and often relentless challenges."

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But not being on the ground with the pairs, what exactly will 'The Controller' be doing from his lair?

Well, he has hidden 10 questions around the world for each pair of contestants - but to reach these questions, the pairs will face challenges inspired by the film franchise which will not only test them physically, but also mentally.

Brian Cox as The Controller in 007: Road to a Million with his back to the camera, looking at multiple screens.
Brian Cox as The Controller in 007: Road to a Million. Prime Video

As well as a new trailer for the series, we also have some first look images of Cox as 'The Controller', with the Succession actor looking at a vast array of screens, clearly having eyes on the competing pairs at all times.

As the questions go by, the amount of money they're worth increases, bringing them ever closer to the grand £1 million cash prize.

If they answer the question correctly, they get to bank the cash - but if they fail, their journey is over. Talk about high stakes.

The new show comes from the producers of the Bond film franchise, so you just know that the challenges these pairs have to go through are going to be a real test – and will make for some great television.

007’s Road to a Million will air on Prime Video on 10th November 2023 – you can sign up now for a free 30-day Prime Video trial.

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