If you love Netflix drama Elite (privileged Spanish teenagers behaving badly!) or Gossip Girl, or if you're a fan of royal shows like The Princess Diaries or The Crown, then we have good news: Young Royals will be right up your street.


The Swedish Netflix drama introduces us to Prince Wilhelm, who has been sent off to a posh boarding school after disgracing his family. It's a tale of "love or duty" as the teen struggles with his royal obligations – and what he really wants in life.

Read on for all you need to know about Young Royals.

Young Royals Netflix release date and time

CONFIRMED: Young Royals will be released on Netflix on Thursday 1st July 2021. In the UK, it will arrive at 8am.

There are six episodes in the season.

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What is Young Royals about?

Here's Netflix's official synopsis: "When Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) arrives at the prestigious boarding school Hillerska he finally gets an opportunity to explore his true self and find out what kind of life he really wants.

"Wilhelm starts dreaming of a future filled with freedom and unconditional love far away from the royal obligations - but when he unexpectedly becomes next in line for the throne his dilemma is heightened as he has to make a choice. Love or duty."

Young Royals (Johan Paulin/Netflix)

It looks like Hillerska provides young troublemaker Wilhelm with an opportunity to live a more 'normal' life (well, as normal as can be among other extremely privileged rich kids at boarding school). It also gives him a chance to explore his sexuality.

Young Royals cast

The cast is led by Edvin Ryding, a young Swedish actor. His credits include Gåsmamman, Love Me, and Fröken Frismans krig.

Pernilla August (also seen in The Investigation) plays Wilhelm's mother, Queen Kristina. Then there's Malte Gårdinger (August), Frida Argento (Sara), Nikita Uggla (Felicie), Samuel Astor (Nils), and Omar Rudberg (Simon).

Other cast includes Mimmi Cyon (Fredrika), Uno Elger (Walter), Ingela Olsson (Anette Lilja), Fabian Penje (Henry), Carmen Gloria Pérez (Linda), Nathalie Varli (Madison), Felicia Truedsson (Stella), Rennie Mirro (Idrottsmagister), Livia Millhagen (Smysan), David Lenneman (Poppe) and more.

Young Royals trailer

Is Young Royals in Swedish?

The drama is in Swedish, with English subtitles.

The director is Rojda Sekersöz, the writer and creator is Lisa Ambjörn, and additional writers are Tove Forsman and Sofie Forsman.

If you want more show content, we've got the full Young Royals soundtrack and a location guide to where Young Royals was filmed here. And, if you're still not sure whether to watch the series or not, you can read our Young Royals review for an overview of the narrative.


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