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You fan theory might point to a huge twist for season 4

Warning: this story contains spoilers.

you season 3

The third season of the Netflix hit, You, had more than its fair share of surprises, and a killer ending we’re still trying to wrap our heads around.


But the story doesn’t end there and there’s more to come from Joe (Penn Badgley), potentially in Paris, for You season four. Speaking of the coming episodes, fans have been trying to work out anything they can about them and some may have uncovered a pretty big plot point.

One of the revelations towards the end of season three was that Joe may have a brother. A flashback showed him finding his mother with a three-year-old child named Jacob and while nothing has been confirmed that he’s Joe’s sibling, it does feel this is the direction we’re heading in.

But if there is a bro for Joe, who is it? Well, Reddit has been actively chatting about it and fans of the show are convinced it’s none other than Theo Engler (Dylan Arnold), the step-son of Joe’s neighbour and someone who was involved with the now-departed Love (Victoria Pedretti).

Could his mother also be Joe’s? If so then the writers had this planned from the moment Dylan was cast as it is hard to ignore the similarities between him and Penn Badgley.

We imagine if the two are indeed related, this will be something that will be picked up next season – we just need to know when the next instalment drops!

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