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Will Sally Bretton become Humphrey's love interest on Death in Paradise?

"There's obviously chemistry" between Saint Marie's resident detective and his old friend...

Published: Thursday, 25th February 2016 at 10:32 am

Sally Bretton is swapping Lee and Lucy's cosy London apartment for the sun-soaked beaches of Saint Marie. The actress, who you probably recognise from long-running sitcom Not Going Out, is set to star in the final episode of Death in Paradise's fifth season. And it looks like love could be in the air for Humph...


"My character Martha bumps into Humphrey while on holiday on her own in Saint Marie. They are old friends from the UK. They haven’t seen each other for quite some time," Bretton tells us, adding, "they both seem quite sweet. They are fairly nervous around each other."

"They both find themselves single and there's obviously chemistry between them," she continues.

It all sounds rather hopeful for the detective, who has been incredibly unlucky in love so far. Will Martha become a permanent fixture on the island?

"I could imagine it, but I don't know," Bretton replies. "There is certainly something between them but whether it would develop into anything? He's not been the luckiest man so I'm not sure whether his luck is about to change or not."

A sixth series of the drama has just been commissioned by the BBC and, if the romance between Martha and Humphrey is destined to last, Bretton would be keen to return to Guadaloupe.

"It's an awesome job and I thoroughly enjoyed it," she said, adding: "It is so the gig that everybody wants to get. It's amazing. You just can't believe that it's real. It's jolly and gorgeous and a lot like paradise! It's not often you get to do something like that."

Even the heat wasn't an issue for the 35-year-old. "I was lucky because all my scenes were outside. It was intense, but because my days weren't long, it was just gorgeous. It was nice to have the sun on my back!"

Her only reservation about returning would be the distance from England but she's got an idea about how to get around that: "It's perfect except that it's so far away. If you could get your family to join you for some of it, if you were going longer, that would be the secret."


Death in Paradise series 5 concludes on Thursday at 9:00pm on BBC1


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